The first article Debby ever published was about growing up as an Army Brat. “That’s an affectionate term for kids whose dad or mom is in the military,” says Debby.  “It was a nomadic life, but I loved meeting people and making new friends.” 

Born at Fort Meade, Maryland, Debby had moved three times by age six when she and her mother boarded a military troop ship to reunite with her father, who had been assigned to Japan months earlier.

"The voyage lasted almost three weeks and was anything but plush," Debby recalls with a laugh.   "My mom and I shared a tiny stateroom with another lady and her children.  The bathrooms were down the hall, and everyone was seasick.”

In Japan, Debby's family lived in a house with mat floors and sliding doors covered with rice paper.  The Japanese home sat right on the ocean with Mount Fujiyama's breathtaking snow-covered peak in the distance.  "It was like living a fairy tale," Debby says.  "I have so many memories of the beautiful countryside and wonderful people."

Returning to the States when Debby was nine, the family lived in Arlington, Virginia, for three years before moving to Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.  A year later they returned to Virginia, this time living at Fort Belvoir, where Debby attended Mount Vernon High School.  After graduation, she headed off to college at The Ohio State University. 

After college and while working as a medical technologist in charge of the Ireland Army Hospital Blood Bank, at Fort Knox, Kentucky, Debby met a handsome Army captain who instantly stole her heart.  Debby and Tony were married at the Fort Knox Main Chapel in a beautiful military wedding, and following their honeymoon, drove to Fort Bliss, Texas, to start their new life together. 

Just as in her youth, Debby and Tony moved often—from Texas to Kirksville, Missouri, to Fort Belvoir, Virginia, to Fort Polk, Louisiana.  They even lived in the middle of the Mojave Desert at Fort Irwin, California.  The family spent three years in Aschaffenburg, Germany.  “We toured Europe, Greece and Great Britain, but the best part was exploring the small towns and out-of-the-way villages in Germany and getting to know the warm and welcoming people of Deutschland.”

Today, Tony and Debby live near Atlanta, Georgia. They have three grown children, a beautiful daughter-in-law, great son-in-law and four adorable grandchildren who they visit as often as possible. 

Debby published in magazines when her children were young and her husband was teaching ROTC at Truman State University.  As the children grew older, she put her writing on hold and focused on church ministry and community service. 

Years later, when the family moved to Georgia, Debby knew it was time to follow her dream and soon had stories published in WOMAN'S WORLD, FAMILY, OUR SUNDAY VISITOR, and numerous other magazines.  Working part-time as a medical technologist, she wrote articles—mainly on emerging infectious diseases—for ADVANCE FOR ADMINISTRATORS OF THE LABORATORY and served on their editorial advisory board for over twelve years. 

Debby always loves to write stories about her family.  The heartwarming true account of their Christmas outreach is featured in CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE CHRISTIAN SOUL 2, and a story about her family's concern for children in war-torn Kosovo was published in CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE VOLUNTEER'S SOUL. 

Debby's very proud of SISTERHOOD, an article she penned long ago as a tribute to Army wives. Given out in calligraphy form by Army Wives Clubs across the nation, SISTERHOOD is suitable for framing and hangs in many military homes.  If you'd like to buy a copy of SISTERHOOD or would like information about bulk sales to wives' groups, contact Debby at LEGACY for Air Force wives is also available.

For many years, Debby wrote for SOUTHERN LADY MAGAZINE, a beautiful publication filled with everything a true Southern belle loves . . . elegant tableware, delicate lace and antique linens, special shopping and dining destinations, yummy recipes and stories about women who have made a difference.  Pick up a copy and see why SOUTHERN LADY is Debby's favorite magazine!

Debby’s debut novel was published in 2007 by Love Inspired Books. Since then she has published close to thirty books. SUMMER OF SUSPENSE appeared on the USA Today Bestsellers List and many of her other stories have made Publishers Weekly Bestseller Lists.

Debby grew up with a deep faith and love of the Lord.  Her mother taught her about God's abundant mercy and unconditional love and the importance of staying close to Jesus. 

Prayer has always been an important part of Debby's life.  She wrote A WRITER’S PRAYER shortly after her first book sold and says the prayer each morning before she begins to write.  Go to WRITER’S PRAYER to download your own personal copy.

"I pray daily for my family and friends and especially for my readers," Debby says.  "When I'm working on a new book and have little spare time, that's when I need even more prayer in my life.  Often, I go to church to sit with the Lord and feel His presence.  If I'm having difficulty with some aspect of the book, I ask His guidance.  Usually, the confusion unravels and I can see the direction the story needs to take.  I like to think that in those quiet times, the Lord reveals the story to me."

If you believe in the power of prayer, join the Cross My Heart Prayer Team.  Click on WRITER’S PRAYER for information on how to join.  The Prayer Team is a great way to have people from around the world praying with you and for you so that the work of YOUR hands will bear good fruit.

Please pray for Debby and her work so she can continue to write stories that touch the heart. 

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